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A story that is uniquely yours needs to be treasured with exclusive jewelry

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Customization Process




Understand custonization

Communication with Custom Customer Service

Tell your story, choose your favorite gems

Communicate design details

10-15days after delivery with you

Custom Instructions


1. Designer selection: Private custom designers are divided into senior designers and director designers, according to your preferences and needs, the custom housekeeper will recommend the appropriate designer for you.

2.Design fee: the design fee is a one-time charge per payment: the same pendant and then change the same ring, bracelet, earrings, no additional charge.

3.Returns: We support returns of custom-made items. 10% of the custom-made amount can be paid as custom wear and tear fee (Also: design fee is not supported for refund).

Custom Processes










Hand-drawing designs, using CAD  software, designing 3D models

3Dtevhnology to print wax patterns

Using advanced 3D printing tech- nology to create a wax model of the model

Seiko model

Trimming, grinding, assembling, and welding of workpieces, preliminary grinding of casting surfaces, and assembly of jewelry components

Precision inlaid

Precise microscopic setting of the main and matching stones in their respective settings

Polishing and surface treatment

Once the inlay is complete, a final polish under a high magnification microscope ensures that every detail is as bright as the mirror.

Finished product

Finely polished and submitted to the  inspection department for final inspection. to ensure that every detail is perfect. The finished product is delivered to  you by a custom butler.

Customized engraving
Haute Couture
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