Brand Origin

Originating from the pursuit of Italian princes and aristocrats, the Unikks are a collection of the essence of centuries of Italian jewelry art and the efforts of a large number of top Italian designers to create a prestigious, high-quality, fashionable Unikks. Unikks makes you: have it , own the world. Unikks' love and dedication to traditional culture, meticulous to modern life and beauty, the pursuit of art, among many jewelry brands, the style is unique - a flagship, whether it is fashionable design of 18K gold, exquisite workmanship of silver, bold and wild colored stones and semi-precious stones, the pursuit of The concept of "incomparable and beautiful" gives each piece a trendy and royal look.

unikks Brand Story


The Unikks team of designers design gift boxes with high originality, fashion sense, quality and environmental protection around the current trend of visual arts, giving your jewelry a warm home.




Since its inception, Unikks jewelry has always incorporated exquisite craftsmanship, skill, and innovation into all of its creations, and every step is an exquisite work of art. Unikks has absorbed advanced concepts and management ideas, designers, gemologists, polishers, etc. all together in the same space, in close cooperation with each other. We have mastered the best core technology to meet the more demands of customers.