Fashion and quality are the cornerstones of Unikks culture.


The Unikks' philosophy reflects the same commitment to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Unikks' creations are universally appreciated for their style, luxury, and distinction. Unikks' attention to detail, quality and innovation create timeless elegance. For unikks, the word "excellence" means the perfect combination of top quality products and the best service. Each Unikks product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it adheres to the traditional standards of Unikks craftsmanship and perfectly reflects the designer's finesse and creativity.

Why Choose Us

Large number of styles

Quality Assurance

Fast Plate Punching

Easy Collaboration

More than 30,000 styles, more  than 300 updates per month

High-quality supplier channels, rich production experience, and mature technology. Systematic quality control.

Expedited proofs can be delivered in 7 days

Clear division of labor, dedicated lines of responsibility, easy communication and collaboration

We can take photos according to customer's hand-painting, and professional designers can also customize one piece.

Such as credit cards, paypal, etc.

Serving each and every customer with care

Provide jewelry knowledge training and solve customer problems.

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>Cooperation Methods:


O Cross-business and Business Collaboration

Objects of cooperation: products for some or all of the consumers and our products coincide with the partners, other areas of the company, such as the fast-moving consumer goods industry, digital products and so on.


Cooperation methods: event naming and sponsorship; brand bundling, channel resource bundling sales, joint promotion, strategic cooperation.


O Market Collaboration

Object of cooperation: independent market resources in related fields (including: products, user groups, channels, media) mutually beneficial and complementary, to jointly create new value partners. Cooperation methods: joint operation, content cooperation, wireless value-added, brand licensing, cooperation on peripheral products.


O Value Added Cooperation

We are willing to combine the resources of operators, brand owners, value-added service providers and equipment providers and other parties, play their respective advantages, and work together to build a new jewelry and silver business win-win situation!

Cooperation methods: joint operation, content cooperation, wireless value-added, brand licensing, and cooperation on peripheral products.


O Strategic Cooperation

We should especially carry out multi-domain and multi-level cooperation in terms of technology, products and market, and work together to build a future-oriented, win-win, coexistence development model to achieve division of labor, complementary advantages, and better create value for our customers and users.


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